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Fine Nano Bubble System

Our Fine Nano Bubble System is based on Japanese Nano Bubble Technology. Nozzle of Nano Bubble can generate very small bubble. It is Less Than 100um. 

Common bubble rise to serface then burst but Nanobubble shrinks and disappears in water from immediately after generation.

This means that it is possible to efficiently raise dissolved oxygen in water.

The nanobubble system consists of nozzle, pump and flowmeter. Fine bubbles can be easily generated by adjusting the flowmeter to the optimum value. The optimum air flow rate is 2 L / min for 100 L nozzle and 6 to 8 L / min for 500 L nozzle.


Products for fishery are from 100 L / min to 500 L / min. The followings are 100L/min and 300L/min from left side.

We are conducting aquaculture in 100 L/min and 1000 L/min systems with our demo aquaculture pond. A nozzle of 1000 L / min will reach 13 m to 16 m. Oxygen supplied efficiently by fine bubbles effectively supplies oxygen to aerobic microorganisms that decompose organic matter that accumulates at the bottom, thus reducing the amount of sludge generated.

This is a 1000 L system using two 500 L nozzles.


DO level incresed
 - use finebubble generator is 27%
 - use finebubble generator + oxygen generator is 44%


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